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October 21, 2009

Collarity Video Monetization at Digital Hollywood Fall '09

Levy Cohen, Collarity CEO/Co-Founder, will share video monetization success stories during the "Video Advertising: How New Consumer Habits Are Driving the Advertising Community to Innovate, and the Challenges with Scale" session at Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica, California.>> read more



  June 28, 2009

Collarity Co-Founder to Share Insights at Microsoft ThinkNext

Collarity Co-Founder and CTO, Emil Ismalon, presents how the interaction of people with content and advertising (behavioral relevance) is used to optimize content monetization for web publishers and maximize revenue for ad networks during the Microsoft ThinkNext Conference. ThinkNext was designed to showcase leading-edge technology developments and included Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Chief Software Architect, as the keynote speaker. >> read more



  May 26, 2009

Why Microsoft Named Its Search Engine Bing

“Redmond will never take a chance on something radical. My advice to the company is to try to understand what's going on at Collarity, where it's easy to see what a new idea for search is all about. I'm actually kind of surprised that one of the big three hasn't already made Collarity's developer an offer they could not refuse. Maybe none of these guys are paying attention.” - John Dvorak >> read more



  March 6, 2009

Editor's Note: What's New at ClickZ

“When you perform a search on ClickZ or Search Engine Watch, you will soon be served up results that will be refined over time based on your previous searches and others with like-minded interests,” explained Clickz Executive Editor Anna Maria Virzi. “We're hoping you will have an easier time finding what you need to perform your jobs better, whether you're a media planner or buyer or you work on e-mail, search, online video, or mobile marketing campaigns.” >> read more



  March 3, 2009

Collarity CTO Presents at Premier Digital Publishing Conference during CeBIT

Emil Ismalon, Collarity Co-Founder and CTO, presented how Collarity helps online publishers engage their audience and optimize content monetization during a panel discussion at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin, Germany. >> read more



  November 19, 2008

Move Networks’ HD Internet TV Service Integrates With PermissionTV, Both Collarity Partners

“The integration of PermissionTV’s video platform and APIs with Move’s adaptive streaming technology allows entertainment, media, publishing and marketing companies to quickly deploy HD video application... The PermissionTV platform has already enabled integrations with such providers as Doubleclick Dart, Google AdSense, Real Media OAS, Entriq, Collarity, Quigo, Hitbox and Omniture.” >> read more



  September 24, 2008

Webmaster Radio: SEM Synergy Interviews Collarity on Behavioral Breakthroughs

SEM Synergy’s Bruce Clay and colleagues discuss how behavioral targeting techniques will revolutionize search marketing. Collarity SVP Debby Richman explains how search, recommendations and ads can be dynamically targeted based on all visitors to a publisher’s site. >> read more



  July 17, 2008

Collarity Selected As AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner

>> read more


  June 9, 2008

Behavior Modification, Nine Steps For Getting Started

"Make behavioral buys on community and social networking sites. B-to-b marketers are always looking to expand their often-limited reach, and buying behavioral placement on nontraditional sites is one way to do this...” >> read more


  June 1, 2008

Search 2.0: Get Relevant Search By Harnessing Video Behavior

"Video search has not yet evolved to match the amount of content distributed online….With new technologies, it’s possible to achieve a truly relevant video search and set of video recommendations by harnessing your own site visitors’ behavior and their communities of interest..." >> read more


  May 14, 2008

Video’s Challenge: Targeting Micro-Communities

"Paradoxical as it may seem, sometimes what makes individuals unique is their relationships to other individuals….users see related video choices, based on available publisher archives that correspond with their own communities of interest. Ads are then targeted and served based on these interest groups...” >> read more


  May 14, 2008

Behind-the-Scenes Innovations in Behavioral Targeting

“Publishers using Collarity harness 100 percent of all visitor clickstreams anonymously. These include content and ad consumption of all types -- which is a significant statement given the explosion of social networks and CGM-based sites. Community segments form based on intensity (rather than popularity) of interests..." >> read more


  April 29, 2008

Revolutionizing The Search Engine

“Ynet is a combination of a portal and a major news site – it's the largest news portal in Israel….Since the initiation of the Collarity-Ynet partnership, Ynet executives have told us about the geometric increase in consumption... so clearly the end users are finding that our results are far more relevant for them..." >> read more


  April 23, 2008

Next New Networks Partners With Collarity For Behavioral User-Tracking

“Based on Next New Networks' viewer behavior, Collarity will attempt to uncover the community segments from their video streams and page views. Collarity creates results based on the anonymous interests of all people visiting the sites...” >> read more


  April 22, 2008

Next New Taps Into Collarity’s Ad Targeting Tools

“Our partnership with Collarity will allow Next New Networks to reach into the real interests of viewers and deliver better experiences for our vertical Web-based programming...” >> read more


  April 22, 2008

Wonks Rejoice: Collarity, Next New Launch Search, Ad Tool

“A wonderfully nerdy new search tool has arrived to exacerbate already raging cases of ADD and OCD … oh yes, and help distribute embedded video ads more effectively to the masses...” >> read more


  April 10, 2008

Social Search, It’s Time For Monetization

“As a publisher, you cannot have a better segmentation methodology – in real time and without any bias – than the one that organically grows on your site…. Implicit circles are effectively a white-knight approach to producing relevant, highly-targeted ads...” >> read more


  April 8, 2008

Video Search: The New Frontier

“On the eve of the conference, Collarity and Pixsy announced a deal to incorporate Collarity's behavioral content and ad targeting platform into Pixsy's video indexing engine...who are connected to each other through shared interests but aren’t necessarily aware of each other...” >> read more


  April 7, 2008

Pixsy Offers Recommended Video and More Money with Collarity

“Collarity provides web sites with related content widgets and behavioral ad solutions (i.e. - “readers who read this also like”). The idea is that when a used searches for pictures or videos on a given topic, providing more relevant results will lead to visitors loading more pages...” >> read more


  April 3, 2008

Social Search Gets Going

“Your contacts and friends are certainly one source of search relevance and subject authority, but are they the best source? Leveraging implicit communities with similar interests has many merits...” >> read more


  March 27, 2008

The Evolution of Social Networks

“The latest developments incorporating the social graph and friends' actions are creating a buzz… We need to discuss how social networks function and how publishers and advertisers can expect to benefit from them...” >> read more


  March 1, 2008

Get Born: Collarity Uses Social Net To Find Video

“There are plenty of ways to get lost on the Web, but how do you break through?... Collarity uses people's attention as metadata, offering archived videos to the people most likely to be interested in them...” >> read more


  February 25, 2008

Coach For Innovation, Blog Talk Radio: Levy Cohen on Discovery

- “Collarity is redefining how web publishers, marketers, and advertisers monetize search and social mapping. Think connections based on anonymous user activity and less on socializing a la your Facebook community...” >> read more

  February 25, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz and Behavioral Search

"... if the new Yahoo search works anything like the demonstrations of Collarity’s Behavioral Relevance Engines I’ve seen, Yahoo could be buying their ticket back into the search game..." >> read more


  February 3, 2008

Digital Dealmakers: Levy Cohen, Founder/CEO of Collarity

"Collarity’s special sauce lies in its ability to leverage the user interaction [with content] on each Web site… Collarity uses that knowledge to optimize search, video usage and time spent, leading to more ad dollars as a result..." >> read more



February 1, 2008

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo get competition from smaller search firms

"...a lot of other search technology is also going strong right now, all of it vying for more than fifteen minutes of fame... Meanwhile, the Fox publishing empire is now using search technology from Collarity on its own Web sites...">> read more



January 31, 2008

Collarity Optimizes Your Video Content

"Behavioral patterns across a website’s complete audience, instead of selected tags, metadata and labels are utilized to create an effective platform for video content and ad targeting...">> read more


  January 31, 2008

Google Looking at Social Search

"The algorithms could incorporate search history from a searcher's Gmail contacts, or input from human experts, as startups like Mahalo, Search Wikia, Collarity and Eurekster are doing...">> read more


  January 22, 2008

Collarity Named to OnMedia 100 2008

Collarity, the company founded by Levy Cohen and Emil Ismalon, was named by AlwaysOn to its AO Media list of the one hundred hottest private high-tech companies serving the digital media industry. Collarity and the other AO Media 100 winners will be honored at the upcoming OnMedia NYC Conference in New York City... >> read more


  January 28, 2008

Collarity Helps Users Help Themselves

"Collarity takes information from all users of a site to segment the audience into very specific micro-communities. Search then continuously improves and adjusts individual results based on the changing interests of a website’s numerous existing communities..." >> read more

  January 28, 2008

Collarity's Platform Reinvents Publisher Content Monetization

"Collarity is basically a web service connected to a publisher’s site, providing visitors with search results, recommendations and ads based on media consumption and ad response patterns of previous visitors..."

>> read more



  January 15, 2008

Collarity was recently featured on CMP/InformationWeek's Startup City podcast.

Rob Rustad, Director of Collarity Marketing, explains in 60-seconds what Collarity does and answers additional questions as welll... >> read more