Collarity Integrated Audience Engagement Platform

Why Collarity

Collarity delivers a more relevant site experience for your web visitors and maximizes the value of your content assets.

Media web publishers have two primary resources to grow their business – content and advertising.

Driving traffic through search marketing programs is important but if visitors aren’t engaged by the right content and ads when they get there, they’ll leave. Analytical tools can often help understand what users want, but they don’t close-the-loop by proactively adjusting how your site serves content and ads. Media publishers need an online customer engagement tool that generates business results automatically in real time, 24 hours a day that will:

  • LISTEN to online audience segments via their anonymous browsing and searching behavior
  • ENGAGE each customer with the content and ads they prefer and gather additional behavioral feedback
  • LEARN how their preferences are changing over time
  • AUTOMATICALLY RESPOND in real time based on what they’ve requested

Collarity’s integrated audience engagement platform is an interaction optimization solution that matches people’s online needs with the best content and ads, ultimately delivering a more relevant site experience for each user and the highest return from media assets. Developed for web media publishers, Collarity is as an automated way to instantly serve relevant advertising, search results, and content recommendations to specific audience segments based on their anonymous site behavior. Collarity is delivered as an on-demand suite of best-in-class content monetization applications that can be deployed in days.

More relevant search results and recommendations means visitors find the content they need more often. In turn, this creates a more positive user experience that organically improves engagement, retention, loyalty, and revenue. Because our solution is defined by online behavior, there’s no need to ask or guess what visitors want. As a result, we can seamlessly deliver a more positive experience for everyone.

We encourage you to explore this site and learn why Collarity is the only behavioral audience engagement solution that’s better for your customers, better for your business, better for your brand, and better for your team. Because whether you’re a publisher, advertiser, or an agency, in high-consumption online media environments increased relevance means increased revenue.