Engage Your Visitors With Their Personal Web

Collarity Panoramic Discovery Services

Engage your mobile and pc visitors with their favorite content and friends.

With mobile web devices overtaking the number of pc web devices, web publishers can't afford to leave tablet and smartphone web visitors out in the cold. Collarity panoramic discovery enables publishers to help mobile users find personally relevant information with smaller screens and lower bandwidth. In addition, Collarity panoramic discovery can be provided for pc-web users as a personalized portal helping them keep track of the information they care about.

Customizable dashboard and sharing means users stay engaged.

Collarity panoramic discovery finds personally relevant and real-time news, videos, posts, and tweets -- summarized on a single dashboard page. The dashboard automatically sifts the most intersting trends and news from your favorite websites and makes them easy to share with your friends. The discovery content tray lets web visitors personalize which web sources they want the dashboard to track and monitor for them. Now when a real-time news event or trend happens, users will instantly see how their interests and world are affected.

Mobile Browsers Need Intent-Driven Relevance

Collarity learns over time to surface only items relevant to the mobile user, based on their historical implicit behavior. This is especially important in situations where screen area is small and bandwidth may be limited.

Hub and Spoke Search

Panoramic hub-and-spoke discovery lets users perform many simultaneous searches, with a single click, across all their favorite content sources. Or, if they choose, users can drill down into individual content areas to find what they need.

Drag-and-Drop Search and Sharing

Mobile users don't like to type. Both tablet and pc users can simply drag-and-drop dashboard items (news, videos, posts, or tweets) into the main searchbox and the entire dashboard instantly refreshes with new contextually relevant content. Panoramic discovery also lets web visitors share their favorite news and information by dragging and dropping any dashboard item onto a friend's photo.