The Collarity Integrated Audience Engagement Platform

Collarity Products

Collarity’s integrated audience engagement platform delivers a more relevant site experience for your web visitors and maximizes the return and value of your web content assets.

Collarity's integrated audience engagement platform — built from the ground up for media publishers—is designed to help target your two most critical business assets, content and advertising. The platform provides behavioral-data-driven, real-time automated response (dynamic content recommendations, search, and ad targeting) to ongoing web visitor activity on your site. The result is the right content and ads are delivered at the right time to the right visitors. It’s the most complete and comprehensive site interaction optimization solution available.

Automatically Segment Your Website Audience

Collarity’s integrated family of applications are designed to advance your online media business. Our easy-to-adopt, on-demand services allow you to choose only the service components that fit best with your specific business needs. You decide how fast and how deep you want to integrate the service and pay only for results.

In addition to ad and content targeting, Collarity also provides Site Segment Analytics (SSA) that reveals key media consumption trends of your natural site audience clusters via their interactions with your content and ads. SSA also provides reporting that can track specific ad targeting with specific audience segments, supporting higher advertising pricing.